Welcome to 'Just Balboa'

We are Julie Smith, Steve Rippington and Sue Howe. We have been dancing Balboa for a number of years and love it.    We attend various workshop weekends ourselves in order to keep up to date and bring our students new interesting moves and techniques. 

Balboa started in the USA on the Balboa Peninsular in California, back in the 20's 30's when Swing Dancing was all the rage. Many of the dance halls became so crowded that it was impossible to dance Jive or Lindyhop without injuring fellow dancers so a rule was made that dance partners were not allowed to break apart when dancing and this is how Balboa began.    

In Pure Balboa dance partners do not break apart.   However, as with all dancing it has evolved and now includes Bal-Swing which does have moves when parters break apart into an open hold.

We have been keen to develop and update our own Balboa and have attended many workshops in France and USA and take advantage of the great teachers from around the world when they visit the UK.   However, a lot of the pleasure is in being able to pass on our knowledge to others who are keen to learn this fabulous dance and therefore are offering regular lessons in Ross on Wye.